Rapid PC startup sequence

When I am ready to train, I would LOVE to be able to get straight in to it, but on so many occasions I start up the PC and have to wait for extended loading screen, and updates and other delays. This is often VERY frustrating and on some occasions, I have lost interest in waiting.
I start the system remotely using an Alexa command, so when I come into the room, windows has booted, and Zwift has loaded. I have done everything I can to speed up the PC ( I re-installed windows and only Zwift to ensure it is as good as possible).

Can I suggest 1) If an update is needed before being able to use the system, don’t hang progress needing a click to acknowledge, just apply the update silently.

  1. Dont hang the loading to change the user ( either use a countdown opportunity to change the user, but then get the program loaded), or have the user login option later in the process.

In essence there needs to be a minimal user inputs needed to get going, so that the computer can get on with the program ready uninterrupted…

Thanks for considering…