Rapha Rising kit disappeared from inventory after 8/4 update

(Peter Hancock) #1

It appears that the recent Rapha Rising kit earned in July is not available in the kits following the 8/4 update.  Bringing to your attention, in case it happens to others.

The updates and new customization options for the avatars is AWESOME!

(Erik Metzger) #2

The Rapha Rising kit and the Tron bike that I earned are not available any longer.

Edit: My Tron bike was always there, I just didn’t see it the first time with the new setup. My Rapha Rising kit has returned (Windows 10).

(Kelvin Ong ZF/ODZ) #3

Yeah…same here, my Rapha Rising jersey got “stolen” by the upgrade as well, though not as serious as losing THE TRON bike (that would be devastating).

(Mike O'Donovan) #4

Me too. Concept bike still there, but Rapha jersey disappeared. First world problems eh? :slight_smile:

(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #5

Thanks for reporting this! QA is investigating right now, we’ll get you that hard earned gear back soon.  We hope you’re enjoying the other customization features in the meantime :) 

Edit: The Tron/concept bike is still there, but it looks really different without the wheels on it, it’s definitely still there though.  

The Rapha Flyweight Jersey unfortunately got lost in this update, but the good news is everyones accounts still have the entitlement so we will get the Jersey back in game on the next update and it will automatically pop back in.  Thanks for your patience and help everyone! 

(Lindsay Ruppert) #6

We have found the display issue with the Rapha Flyweight kit, it will be fixed in our next game update.

If you are missing the Concept bike, can you please check every available frame in the menu? The new display looks quite different. If you are still unable to equip it, please open a support ticket.

(Peter Hancock) #7

Tron Concept bike found.  It does look a lot different in the menu.

Thanks for the quick response on the Rapha Rising kit.

Also seeing a lot of questions about the Rapha kit on the ZwiftBlog comments regarding today’s update…FYI.

(Jon Mayfield) #8

Rapha jersey is back, fix is live now.

(Peter Hancock) #9

Thank you! Amazing! I loved that Jon, Eric, the development team, and everyone at Zwift is so connected to the community. A very rare, but appreciated component of the Zwift experience.

(Stephen Betley) #10

Would like to see left & right arrows on the jersey selector to show that it’s essentially a scroller bar, and for them to be clickable to select the next left/right batch of jerseys.

As it is you have to drag left/right. Bit of a UI error really. Scrollers should have auto select right/left.


(Hazza Mcfazza) #11

Still don’t have my jersey back yet post update sadly. Not a big deal as I love the new customisation but would be nice to get it back one day.

(Z INXS) #12

Rapha jersey is not back yet.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #13

If you’re running Zwift on an iOS device, we are working to get an update out to address the missing jerseys as quickly as possible. If you are still unable to find a jersey on the latest Mac and PC version, please make sure the Zwift application is up to date.

(D icky Knee) #14

I have also lost the Rapha Rising Jersey and the CycleOps Kit which appeared when i 1st rode on my CycleOps Hammer Smart Trainer after the latest update. Running OS X 10.11.6

(Lindsay Ruppert) #15

Dicky Knee, can you please confirm which game version you are running? You can see it on the in game login screen, in the lower right corner of the login graphic box. On the latest version (19727) I am able to see both the Rapha Flyweight and the CycleOps kits.

(Z INXS) #16

Lindsay no idea what you mean. If it’s back shouldn’t it be in the user customization under jersey selection. Well I still can’t see Rapha Jersey there. Clarify please thanks.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #17

Z INXC, what platform do you run Zwift on?

(Z INXS) #18

Hiya Lindsay… MacBook Air

(Lindsay Ruppert) #19

I’m not sure where it would appear in your list, but please check once more and if you are still unable to locate it, open a support ticket. I can see the jersey in my inventory on my Macbook, so if you are still missing it on the latest game version 1.0.19727 there is the possibility that there is an issue with your entitlement, and Support will be able to work with you to fix it.

(D icky Knee) #20


I’m running 1.0.19727.


Regards Graeme (Dicky Knee)