Rapha Festive 500 [2022]

It is not that bad. It is 8 days so you have to do 63km per day.


I’ve done some weeks with that much distance, and I find laps of Tempus Fugit deadly boring, but I probably would include some time with Coco on flat routes just to clock up the distance faster. I prefer to do the more interesting routes with lower trainer difficulty (ie, looking at a picture of a hill while riding a relatively steady pace). I haven’t done PRL Full (also seems like boring laps) but PRL Half is actually pretty nice. I’d also include the longer routes with less climbing such as Tire-Bouchon and Big Foothills.

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Once. Xmas '20, my biggest week by time indoors or outdoors, ~16.6 hours for 549Km. Group rides and pace partners, flat routes.

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Haven’t ever done the Rapha 500 before–wrong time of year for me to be able to schedule anything that carefully.

I have a couple of pieces of Rapha kit, via club/team connections (too flippin pricey for me to just buy regularly, lol). It’s very well made. Sizing is like everything else in cycling–you need to figure out what your specific Rapha size is, because another brand may be wildly different. I’m an XL in Rapha at 6’4"/193cm and 200lbs/91kgs. For comparison, I picked up a jersey from Black Sheep a bit ago…and I’m an XXL there. The Black Sheep XL was a sausage casing, couldn’t even get it zipped. And those of course were not their (BS or Rapha) absolute raciest of racey kits, but not club fit either. For cycling kit, the size and ‘fit type’ are both important. ‘Club fit’ jerseys are intended to give a little more room in the torso.

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Yeah, I mean, they are giving out different jerseys for the different route lengths in the 2022 Fondo, so they could do something similar and have a jersey for anyone who completes a Rapha group ride, but then a specific kit unlock for those that actually complete the 500km.


2x Festive 1000 done, multiple Festive 500s, last year nearly every week of the year was 500km or more.

The first 1000 I did was alternating easy and fast rides, each one 145km (over 7 days)

The 1000s were done outside in summer conditions (extreme heat).

I also did 500+km weeks in Zwift during lockdowns.

I have some Rapha kit already that I got through special prices (knew people working there). It’s well made, comfortable to wear and really lasts over a lot of years.

Normally I wear Le Col HC bibs in XS size and Le Col XS size jerseys (like the haute Route jerseys). I’ve also had the “x Mclaren” kit which I tried, it fits but only just and you have to spend a long time getting into it. It’s comfortable once on and very aero fitting.

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Presumably it takes twice as long to get out of if you’ve eaten a supersize mac and pizza after the ride.

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Did it last year…

You definitely need to ride everyday kind of unless you are used to do Fondos which help getting the distance. I’m not, I usually have 70minutes for a 50k. Doing my usual weekly events, plus doing some easy rides in between, and riding with Coco is more or less 40kmh average so you can do your maths :slight_smile: 8 days for 500k, it’s feasable. Not easy, but that’s the point! It’s a challenge! :slight_smile:


I did this last year, it’s very doable, but don’t skip days or ‘making up’ becomes challenging especially indoors. This year with the pace partners, I think it will be more mentally easier.

My question: is the challenge on Strava yet? I can’t find it.

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The blame may be more on Rapha than Zwift. The original concept of the Festive 500 was to do 500km at the end of the year, dealing cold temperatures and bad weather. This meant you could not rely on doing 60km a day. It was common for people to have to put in an epic day or two to make up for weather or just other holiday activities preventing them from riding a day. Hence you got stories of people who had to knock out 180km on the last day in freezing rain with multiple long stops at coffee shops to warm up. Rapha used to give out patches for those who completed it.

It is bad enough Rapha lamed out by allowing it to be done indoors, which is in direct opposition to the original concept, but to agree to Zwift allowing completion for doing a single indoor ride of a few kilometers is hella lame.

The sad thing is it should be ridiculously easy for Zwift to track a rider has done 500 km. The game already has the means to put in challenges with a goal and a time frame. It would be another event for users to look forward to, just like the Tour de Zwift. It would ultimately encourage people to use the platform more. There is a business benefit to Zwift for doing it right. I just don’t understand the thinking in Zwift’s management. Maybe the new co-CEO will do better.


It would be nice to actually have some challenges that is a stretch goal something to be proud of.

Most challenges are just tick boxes.

I will attempt 500km between Christmas and New years like most years but not the Rapha.

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7x ADZ in a week using free ride mode only. (No workout modes) :wink:

Bonus for 14x ADZ in same time. I know a group who would do that.

Easier to get off than on. But if you have the right build for it, very good kit. Very aero.

Not yet on Strava, too early!

Rapha 500 on zwift is cheating and totally not in the spirit of the original challenge. Prove me wrong.

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Rapha don’t seem to mind and it’s their challenge so they can make the rules as they see fit.


It probably depends on where you live. It is nice and warm in the southern hemisphere.

Sounds like fun let’s get some XP bonuses for this and I will be all over it.:sunglasses:

Nice and warm? 45ºC isn’t nice! :wink:

We go out at 4:30am and try to be home from the 145km ride very early, if you stay out too late you end up completely burned to a crisp. Rest of the day inside with AC turned on. Fire is the other hazard:

It looks grey but it was very hot. Someone had deliberately lit a grass fire, fortunately it didn’t reach to the homes in the background. That’s one of my rides - Canyon Ultimate CF Evo, wonderful fast and super light bike. Wish I had one of those in Zwift. It sits inside now on display because it is quite rare and not made anymore.

I’m surprised by all the “passion” regarding a virtual jersey in a game. I love the challenge of the #Festive500. I’ve completed it the last two years since I became aware of it and am planning to do so again this year. But I’m finding it hard to care about what Zwift does with the kit.

I’ll add that I’m surprised by how many of my hardcore cycling friends are completely unaware of the the #Festive500. Maybe if they see the kit on Zwift they’ll get curious and join the fun!!

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