(Will Desmond) #1

Cancelled my zwift membership today after just two months.  What a frustrating junk peice of software.  Constant dropouts, lag, disconnects - Bluetooth support is rubbish.  ANT drops out halfway through a race causing me to forfeit.  Tech support was no help - suggested I should call my ISP or upgrade my router however my internet speed is find and other online games run perfectly.  Gonna try a different platform next, looks like I can get better value for $ anyway!

(Paul Allen) #2

Did you ever post on here asking for assistance with your issues? I’m sure the Zwift community would have helped you resolve your issues. I agree that Bluetooth is not up to par, but ANT+ should be solid with a USB extension.

(Nigel Brown (6fifteencycle)) #3

Have to agree with Will. I’ve been a subscriber of Zwift since its  beta mode and the dropouts are getting worse - I run on Ant + as Bluetooth connections never work. I run an Alien Pc upgraded video card and memory Kickr Snap trainer the works. Today there was a horrible lag and connections dropped every few seconds. Nothing had changed my end since the last time I rode. This is indeed one of the buggiest pieces of software I’ve ever used. Having got bored with Trainer Road  - awesome programs but little engagement I thought I’d give Zwift another go in 2018- hugely frustrating at the moment with 1 in 3 workouts having major issues. The app is just as problematic - some days the platform still feels like a Beta version. It’s a huge shame as when it is working it’s a lot of fun!

(John Binns) #4

Are you using the ANT+ FEC option for the power? I have a kicker snap and don’t have these problems since I started using this option. 

For the OP can’t say that I had much connection problems over the last year and half and many haven’t,  it could just be  either the ANT+ connection (try an extension cable) or inference in the environment where zwift is being used. 

(Henning Nieboer ZRG (B)) #5

I think Zwift could make a poll whos got problems and who isn’t.

I personally NEVER had a problem during the last 15 months / 350 hours of biking/running :wink:

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #6

Agreed. I have no issues at all now. I went through the trials and tribulations of trying to setup an incompatible device and I know the angst, but I researched it and found out how to fix it. Support tickets that I sent were always dealt with (sometimes surprisingly well).

Rants always make things worse but sure can feel good (for a few seconds anyway).

I’d say good luck, but you are beyond that.

(Andre Hufschmid) #7

I am not sure what you are talking about. It might not be Zwift maybe its you. Most of the time not the software is the problem but the one using it. I have been ridding on Zwift for the past 2+ years and have not had any problems like you.

(Neil Bell) #8

I’ve been riding virtually indoors during the winter for about 10 years now (a stint living in Finland helped that… ;-)). I can honestly say that Zwift is the least buggy platform I’ve used. You should have tried Tacx TTS with the version they had about 4 or 5 years ago - now that really was an epic bugfest!

(Paul vd Girdleschberger T@TT) #9

Bye bye Will. Find something else to moan about

(Mike Day) #10

Zwift is not the problem pal, it’s you. Goodbye.

(David Kindler) #11

I have to agree with several others.  Of course you do what you like, but I’ve been running Zwift for a couple years and its solid.   I have had some problems, but several on the community forum and tech support have helped me work through the issues.  Technical glitches are frustrating, but I haven’t come across an unsolvable issue with Zwift yet.