Why does my ranking not show up anymore? thank you for any advice.

This one?

thanks James, I get my profile with my points and overall ranking but my ranking does not show up in the individual rankings when I put in gender, age, weight, and category. It worked a few days ago, but now I am not listed.

I think it’s because you don’t have a category set.

I put in Male, +60, 70 -79kg, Category D, in both all countries and tried under UK. still nothing.

No, that’s my point, you don’t have a category set currently because all of your races have been under 20 minutes.

Thanks for that I will try and do some longer races, just recently have been enjoying the tiny races, great fun.You also get a small recovery between races 4 in 1 hour. thanks I will up date the post when I hopefully get a positive result, cheers James.

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Yeah, they’re really good!

As James said you don’t have a category set but if you search under All for category you do show up.

I have found the search facility on the rankings section to be somewhat temperamental. When I search for Alan under All, All, All and All you do not show up. However when I then search for All, 60+, 70-79kg, All you do show up. Hope that works on your system.

You have to be in the top thousand for your filtered search to show up.

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Thank you, that makes a lot more sense now that I think the process through. Each sub filter reduces the size of the search field until person being looked for is within a top 1000.

Just to let you and James know, completed a race this morning of 17 km + in 37 minutes and my ranking details have returned using all the perimeters, thanks guys for your help, cheers Alan.

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