Ramp test - turn off messages

(Johnathan) #1

Okay, I like doing the ramp test as a workout but the pop up messages are too much. At some points they are every 20-30 seconds. Absolutely insane and distracting. Please let me turn these off!!

They are annoying in the Zone 2 step but above threshold you have some loose marbles if you think I can read those. 400, 420, 440, 460 those 4 minutes I don’t want anything beyond a massive timer that I can focus on making until the next minute.

Also would there be anyway to make a ramp test such as Computrainer used to have where after your warm up, the ramp is 1 watt every 3 seconds? That would be a lot better with the ERG mode. With the 20 watt jumps, you have to spike your power to keep your cadence from dropping once the steps ready start to make you work.

(Vice) #2

I disagree I like the messages in the FTP tests and workouts. Even during the tough stretches. Based on the message to me it provides valuable information/motivation/reassurance.

But I do support providing the OPTION to turn off messages.

(🙀 Scott Allyn) #3

You could copy the ramp test so that it gets added to your custom workouts, edit the copy, and then delete all of the comments.

(Johnathan) #4

I’ll give that a crack.