Ramp test resistance issues - Wahoo KICKR - MacBookAir10,1 - GV 1.63.0

Tried ramp test today. No issues in past. Resistance went to zero 2/3 way through warm up and each interval. If turned off erg then back on it would come back but drop again next interval. Tried restarting everything but still happened. The consistency within the workout means it’s the program and not trainer (wahoo kikr) or computer.


Hi @Dennis_Cruff_TeamEN, Welcome to Zwift Forums!

I checked your logs server and while evening looks updated, I’m wondering if you paired your trainer as controllable resistance. I mentioning this because having the Zwift setup is needed to get an accurate FTP reading. If you can help us by providing a screenshot of your pairing screen can help us to better investigate this situation.