Railways and Rooftops Bugs

2 issues with the Railways and Rooftop route that have been present for a very, very long time.

  1. The Arcade building disappears and reappears. Given that cyclists ride THROUGH the Arcade building, it should always be present, a permanent feature that doesn’t get removed. I have confirmed this on 2 different computers.
    It disappears and reappears at this location -
  2. The Rooftop KOM timer appears at the Arch banner at the top of the KOM and continues until the start line at the bottom, where the “real” Rooftop KOM begins.
    This obviously is incorrect, since the “reverse” Rooftop route does not have a KOM. This simple lack of attention to detail is something that no company should permit.
    Screenshot just after passing the KOM arch.

I’m not sure what you’re describing here, and I’ve never seen this having ridden Neokyo a lot (on ATV).

Is it pop-up, perhaps, where scenery suddenly appears as you get close?

Or are you saying it seems to move around as to where it’s located?

Or something else?

Definitely with you on point 2. Zwift could fix this in a great way if they would create a real timed segment for the reverse KOM. It would make the Railways and Rooftop route a perfect interval training course. A timed KOM would also mean HoloReplay which would make it even better.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the Arcade building disappearing and reappearing.
Arcade building is visible.

A few seconds later, it is missing.

Then, it is not visilble -

And a few seconds later, it pops back into view.

Looks like a pop-up problem as you turn slightly away from it, then turn back towards ir.

What are the specs of your device?

As I mentioned, it happens on 2 different computers.

I get it that some scenery is dynamic.
But the Arcade building should never pop in and out.

It’s this just how Zwift works to accommodate as big a range of devices as possible? The scenery is all in layers and the higher spec your device the more layers you will see.

Specs of those setups would still be helpful so that others with similar setups can comment on whether they see this too.

I don’t think the specs matter, but, the above screenshots were done on a computer with the following -

My point being - there is some background scenery that is always there. It never disappears. Many buildings are always visible.

The Arcade building should be one of them since we ride through it.

I think it’s OK for this to happen on low spec hardware, but it looks like this bug to me Entire buildings and objects disappear

There’s a place in the beginning of the route Country to Coastal where a big part of the vegetation pops in and out various times, I posted screenshots here Game Update 1.34 [April 2023] - #161 by oldnapalm

I’ve seen it happening on various machines, including this one which I think is powerful enough to not having these issues

I agree for some scenery, but not the Arcade building. That’s my whole point of #1.
And, the last comment on the thread you linked to was me from a year ago, noting the same thing about the Arcade building on AppleTV.

My point is that I believe it’s caused by the same bug (yes, I know it’s from years ago, but it still exists) and I would prefer seeing the bug fixed instead of having the arcade building always visible on all hardware.