Racist blackface outfits

While I know that some people fight for their right of keeping them, I’m rather disgusted. I have two words for you, Zwift. Take a wild guess.

Huh? Is this referring to the weird shadows on Apple TV that seem to be a bug from the last update?


I don’t think there is a reason to assume the worst. If it was intentional, why would it be limited to ATV?


Wait you’re saying you know that some people fight for their right to keep their avatars looking like they’re wearing jet black head-to-toe leotards? :laughing: …and that it’s an easter egg planted by a “dev bro”?

Were you able to get rid of the shadowing (I think if you go into the garage and click your normal skin tone, it’ll revert), or have you not tried any further?


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I’ve only been in the game since spring and haven’t seen anything too terribly weird—can you give me a heads up? When is the season for receiving death threats from jet-black-head-to-toe-leotard-wearing traditionalists? I’m having fun a little bit, to be sure, but if this is a thing, I do want to have advanced warning.

Dude I’m talking about real life. Not to worry :roll_eyes:

I’ve been on Zwift too long anyway.

Clearly, this is a bug. We’re on it.