Racing without sensors

Hello from Fergus Canny. I work daily as a cycling development coach. I look at data often surrounding performance. I have used watts bikes at work On zwift I do regular Ftp data on zwiftpower combined with a heart rate set up for max heartrate age zone and cadence sensors. Rather accurate. Both systems give reliable feed back on a rider. Why are riders racing on If just riding by oneself no data is fair enough. A listed recent ftp test data plus twin sensors heart rate and cadence along with zwift power is a true display to race. Zwift racing with just zwift power alone and no data drives people away from the zwift platform. Often showing amazing power no heart rate no cadence likely no ftp pre test and likely at times using e-bike technology ruins races for everyone. Why are they allowed to race or why are such riders not pulled when there is no genuine data?

For professional sanctioned races this data is required, but for your everyday Zwift race it is not. Some event organizers will require HRM, no zpower (classic/dumb trainers), etc.

Thankyou Mike. Alot of people I know as riders enjoy to have a fair fun race ride. The current format makes a mockery of that for thousands of frustrated riders. Thanks for that Mike.