Racing with real weight/height requirement?

Wanted to check are we required to race with real weights and heights or are those numbers anything we can put in like difficulty slider in a game?

Yes, you are required to use your real weight and height. Required by the rules of common decency.


Not to mention some series will require videos confirming measurements as well; so worth noting.

That said, putting in the wrong information is likely just to cause you to eventually be confused at some point in time down the road anyways, when you’re like “huh I remember X being different”, only to realize you set your weight or height down to something absurd.

You only cheat yourself and cause confusion to yourself when you put in the wrong measurements; and if you do a series that requires accurate measurements and they’re off enough, folks will certainly call you out and cause you to DQ, so it’s not worth the risk.

Do something cheaty like make yourself really lightweight to keep up with a faster RoboPartner?.. When you get to the top of the hill and everyone runs away from you on the descent… you can start to imagine why I keep using the word “confusing.”

There are equal but opposite downsides to putting in the wrong personal details; thus of course it’s just not recommended.
Heavier than reality? Your climbing will suffer, but will descend well.
Lighter than reality? Your climbing will slightly improve, but you’re likely to be dropped on a descent.

But yes, it is indeed against the actual rules of all racing series to have the wrong data; which generally people will seek out and find, and then have you disqualified if things seem amiss.

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please do. just keep your weight somewhere within like, i dunno, 5lbs of reality and calibrate your trainer at least once a month and you are good by me brother.