Racing points system

I’m aware people use zwift for lots of different reasons, however, I’m sure some would appreciate a racing feature and schedule and with the nights drawing in, there is sure to be a boom in membership.


Much like the categorisation system in place on the road. I’m suggesting a racing schedule and ranking system

Cat 1-4 with FTP considerations

You can accumulate points by taking part in races and you can’t race in races outside of your category. This will allow riders to race with like ability members over a course/distance.

The initial shake up will be a mess, but should resolve itself within a month or so.

There are already races like this.

I never took part in a race yet mainly because I have no idea where to start (and don’t tell me at the start line!!). I guess i would be cat D rider but maybe L or P if they existed. Possibly even Z. How to find out where to go without either looking a complete muppet, which I obviously am, or to be thought of cheating by being better than the category I selected.

I am too old to be a beginner but online cycling does not give me this sort of feedback and in real life, there is nobody cycling where I live, bah…

Hey Kermit deFrog, I’ve seen you around on Zwift. Come to the KISS beginner’s race on Mondays. Once you sign up to ride, Zwift will remind you that you registered to ride and if you get a button on your main riding screen saying ‘join event’ then it will teleport you to the holding pen where you can warm up on a ‘ghost’ static trainer. So you’ll be on a static trainer at home watching your avatar using a static trainer. Ironic!

Racing is an absolute blast and the Kiss races have staggered starts soit reduces the influence of the higher categories (i.e. fast Ds will not get towed along by slow Cs)

See you there next Monday?