Racing - Performance development

Zwift has been a blessing with a 2yr old, COVID lockdown and of course wet and windy UK winter conditions last year… and I love the racing. I have dabbled in some training programmes (some i’ve created) but I really have started to notice a difference with the racing and find it motivating and really enjoyable… BUT as I race more, I start to be a bit more proficient reading situations, finding groups, sharing load, minimising effort where possible to keep a few matches. Previously when i moved up to cat C, I more or less time trialled solo, so it literally was just my effort that counted improving my development.

Now I’m wondering if that experience will slow my development in terms of endurance and power. Would racers recommend staying in cat C and waiting until I tip the w/kg limit or taking a plunge now and move up to B, knowing i’d be one of, if not, the slowest in that cat?
Currently at 2.9 w/kg.

If you have any thoughts and experience, I’d love to hear it. Race formats, perhaps training programmes like FTP builder (sadly this would limit my racing, due to family/ life commitments). What has worked for you?


That is a hard one @Dave_Ody_Herd

I would say race in C and have fun learn how the game work and win some races. I would not race more than twice a week and the other days have a good workout plan to improve your weaknesses.

Find races that challenge you, if you are not a good climber then find races that has some climbing.


Find my weaknesses.

I think that the repetition of is quick after all.