Racing mockery

@_Erlkonig, any really.

Big banjos do better than small banjos. But the tuning is critical. As you know, there are no banjos tuned in A. A is for sublime music played on the violin. It’s not for plebs like me. I just pay for their luxury, music without dissonance. So either B, C or D tuning it is for me. Doesn’t matter, they’re all the same.

I recently joined my first race. Being out of shape and race beginner I entered D Category, which stated the riders to race between 1 - 2.4w/kg.
Weighing approx 100kg and an ftp of 228 i thought this would be a good challenge and interesting race. Instead, straight from the off I found myself having to maintain 3 w/kg to hang on to the middle of the field. The leaders went off at 7 or 8 w/kg
I was lapped on lap 6 of 8. A group pushing anywhere from 6 5 to 8 w/kg.

This totally took away any enjoyment for me. Something should be done to police this.


You’d see a fast start even in a race with only legitimate D riders. That’s a racing tactic, to drop some of the field. Zwift race starts are not warm-ups, they’re all-in efforts.

However, as normal, you also had riders who chose to ride in the wrong category.


Great comments!
Yeah, I am joining the race simply to have some company on the PRL Full. I’ve been putting off doing it, mostly because it’s many laps of the same route, instead of different roads the whole time. Will be interesting (for me) to see how I fare against the other riders, though that is not my priority! Finishing will be…

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Yeah I get that race start is harder, just a bit annoying when you’ve got people in wrong category. Don’t understand what enjoyment they get from it?


Its hardly winning when you are knowingly entering a group that are far less capable than you. I bet they are the type of people that don’t let their kids win against them either.

It’s always been like this and I don’t think it will ever go away. It does my sweed in and just think these cheats are proper bell cheeses.

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