Racing Cats need some adjustments Cat A and B

how about this?

looks like that ride upgraded him, no? i have to say though, i didn’t think people returning from outdoors and smashing a race before getting upgraded would end up being as common as it apparently is

It was my thought as well. Although he has a bunch of A races.

Good argument for having results drop off after 270+ days instead of 90.

Last 10 rides or 90 days, whichever is longer.

So if the last time you rode on Zwift was 6 months ago then your CE would be based on the last 10 rides you had, however long ago that was.

It would go a long way to stopping people from returning to Zwift after summer and smacking the lower cats once or twice before getting upgraded.


How many people are losing major fitness in 90 days?

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Don’t know how many and how much, but I lost about 20-25% in 2 weeks covid… :cry:

Edit - but I am not going to race at Zwift in the next 2 months.

easily done especially if you break a collarbone, according to strava my fitness halfed in the space of 4 weeks when i broke mine last year


“Fitness” in Strava is a layman’s term for chronic training load (CTL). It is not representative of your actual physical capabilities. When you come back from time off the bike like that your actual-fitness returns extremely quickly.


I put in a recent 5-min PR today and lowered my zFTP by another 11w. I’ll be down to cat C if I get any stronger (is joke, my zMAP is finally over the B limit).

Had fun in a race this morning, PD4.1 really is a big improvement. And big field too, 71 in B, though that’s because A has been gutted and moved into B, only 12 racing in A. And a few 4.5-4.6 20m guys racing in B. I think it’s pretty obvious that expanding the top of the category limits so much has been a mistake.

Instead of the complicated black box to determine zFTP and zMAP why not just have hard cutoffs at different time intervals? >4.2 for 20 and you get upgraded to A. 4.5 for 12? Moved to A. 5.0 for 5? Straight to A. (These are only example numbers).

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Yesterday I wanted to find a race in A with a little crowded result that dal. So I lined up on a poor race in Glasgow with 6 guys. Awesome !!! In B they were about twenty. You have to go on the Tiny Race to have at least 30 to 40 runners to score points or over the long distance… and still not sure… it’s getting worrying honestly!!

The race I did today had 9 starters in A, 71 in B. And this was the front of the B field (which only “lost” to cat A by about a quarter of a second). Mostly 4.2-4.6 20m guys who should be populating A races.


Zwift stuffed up with these current ZMap, ZFTP but end of the day with all this data you guys have provided to them it is nothing new and they have seen it all but are doing nothing about it.

Eventually they will do something about it and lets hope it is sooner rather than later.

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We’re going to have to move a little because we’re accumulating more and more problems with complaints that affect zwift’s image… and meanwhile, the competition is watching (from afar) and rubbing their hands

Hard to move when it appears heads are stuck in the sand.

Still waiting to hear about this Zwift Racing Score so how does that even come in to play and what impacts does that have?

No use trying to fix ZMap and ZFTP and how that Cats someone if Zwift Racing Score is just about to come out and change it all again anyway.

Just be nice if Zwift actually provided proper updates about the future of racing and give us a proper roadmap of what to expect and roughly when

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The feedback was so overwhelmingly negative that I think they’ve left what they created in place but have gone back to the drawing board. Hopefully to just buy out like they did zwiftpower.

It was quite negative feedback but negative feedback based on nothing really. There was just a score shown with no real information around what the score meant etc.

Maybe if they started to actually setup races based on the scoring and put people in those cats then real feedback could have been generated.

The thing is there is a wealth of knowledge out there with how to categories riders with methods that have been working for years and years IRL that Zwift do not need to try and reinvent the wheel all the time. Stick to the basics.

Seen a lot of fantastic solutions and well thought out ways of doing things but it just feels like they are too proud to accept help and just want to keep falling over all the time.

There was enough explanation given to understand that “Zwift Racing Score” is nothing more than the ZP race score inverted and scaled to 1000 instead of 600.

You’re right that the problem has been solved. ZRS is not even close to the solution.


I shared this vision as well.

4.1 it’s nice, “B” has some “A” riders for sure.

Zwift overcomplicated the categories. Straight and public numbers, period. Numbers are “lying” because the person is winning everything, podium upgrade. Sort of 7 top3 in the last 10 races, congrats, we’ve been promoted. True for the bottom line as well. Numbers are good, but the person is always in last 10, demoted.

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I would say we need some adjustments.

3 entrants into Category A and 47 into Category B. Look at the ZRacing Velo scores

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