Races under 20 min long ftp calculation for disqualifications?

(Greg Doucette (C) Bodybuilder) #1

How are watts per kg calculated for 95% of your 20 min in races that are under 20 min. I just did a race and I did 311 watts for 13 min and it said I was 2.7 watts per kg for my FTP. The race was 6.8km/4.1 km. I was worried I might actually get dq’d because for a short race of 10 kin or so I can produce more power then I can hold for 20 min. For an hour 270 watts is a nightmare for 20 min I can do over 300. Trying to figure out the dq rules. Seems any long race like 40 min or more I cant keep up but any short race 10 km or less I have no problem keeping up.

(Joe) #2

I assume you’re talking about zwiftpower DQ rules? To my knowledge, the only thing that would (potentially) DQ you is if your 5 min average power exceeds 6 w/kg or your FTP (95% of 20 min) is 5.0 w/kg or better.

Regardless of how the latter is calculated for events lasting less than 20 min (is it?) - you’re nowhere close to being disqualified at 2.7 w/kg. If your power:weight is observed to be significantly above the category you entered, then (iirc) Zwiftpower will flag your result with ‘UPG’ indicating that you should move up into the next category.

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Well I raced volcano 1 lap at 1505 hours today and on the official results I came 2nd with 2.8 w/kg. It says my watts were 326 and i weigh 91 kg so nothing adds up! The winner had 4.3 w/kg. His 5 min was 5.1 watts per kg. He also happened to win the sprint and beat out all the A racers. I race in the C class and the winner of C beat out all the B and A racers. Seems crazy to me. I also used my garmin to time the last 2 races and noticed my finish time is exactly 30 seconds lower on zwift timer then my garmin. Maybe they dont calculate the watts being put out during the first 30 seconds of the race and thats why my watts per kg is so low? How can I be 2.8 if it says I officially did 326 for the race. My finish time was 12:39 in C. The winner 11:29 and he is not dq when it says C is 2.5 to 3.2. I mean 4.3 is crazy thats a winner of C beating the best A. Even my time would of been 4th in the B group. Im really good at sprint and short races being I have huge 1 min power but my FTP sucks. Im a powerlifter so very short and heavy.

(Joe) #4

I don’t really know what to tell you about all of that, except to say that the kid (<20) who beat you only has 2 races on Zwiftpower, and the site says that he ‘hasn’t registered’. Taking a quick look at his profile, I’d say something probably isn’t right with his setup (at best).

Take it up w/ zwiftpower directly. You’d probably get better answers to your questions there!

(Greg Doucette (C) Bodybuilder) #5

Nothing is wrong aith his set up. He raced B and averaged 3.6 w/kg for 59 min. He is just a great rider racing in C when he could be wining B or A races. I am not worries about him its just an example of showing I don’t and no one I talk to can answer any of my questions. I don’t understand why the timer on the races are starting at 30 seconds. I don’t understand why it says my avg poser was 326 when it was lower as I saw ig lower. And I don’t understand how 2.8 w/kg was calculated for my 20 min power for a race under 13 long. Where Re the rules to read About this? How are watts per kg calculated. 326 watts at 91 said 3.6 and then it said 2.8. 326 was wrong and 2.8 is wrong. Why is everything wrong. I don’t understand zwift power at all and no one has been able to answer me. I also sont understand how rankings are calculated. I see it said top 5 placing races are used but something else about segments or something during races. Its alot more enjoyable when things ate clesrly explained. I taught for 12 years and coached many sports and was a referee all the time and whats important are clearly defined rules. They should be posted somewhere so that people like me don’t spend 10 hours trying to figure out data. Races under 10 min do not say 20 min ftp at all btw. But if its 10:01 it does. We just want to know the rules. Does the race only count the watts once the lap begins? For example the race today was a 6.8 km lean in and then it was a 4.2 km lap. I know this because I raced it the other day when all out and sprinted to the line at 6.8 onky to discover 4.2 km were left. I just coasted and watched everyone fly by. Was kinda funny really. often races so not say the distance then u see in the pre race warm up people asking how long the race is. Also for 30 seconds it does not say what place your in. During the initial 30 seconds at the start of the race are we drafting or is it like purely based on watts. Also if I’m drafting 1 person vs 2 or 3 on zwift am I getting more draft benefit from drafting multiple people or is it all the same. All important info that everyone would like to know and should be explained somewhere.

(Joe) #6

First and foremost: Race Rules vary from Event to Event, but they are always available if you look for them. Full race rules for the race you did today are here:


Have you tried searching and/or asking in the Zwiftpower forums? Strange as it sounds, Zwift is not affiliated with Zwiftpower.



Category enforcement

Your last 30 days of power data is used to calculate a minimum category. You may enter a category above this. Most races will DQ riders deemed to be “sandbagging”.
The calculation for your minimum category is shown on the events index page.
Riders that have recently been demoted will have 2 categories shown on their profile - eg B / A.

Power data

Extended data is now captured for all events, including workouts. Accuracy of critical power from 15 seconds and up has been improved. Instead of underreading by upto 5%, the watts reported should be within 1% of what you see on Strava.
A Watts/WKG toggle is provided on results and profile.

From the Events Page FAQ tab:

**Avg 20m
If strava data is not available this is calculated from your average power using a modifier percentage based on time of effort

(Event) Categories

No category enforcement
Riders may exceed the wkg boundary and remain in results