Races stopped uploading to Zwift Power

My third race in the last week has not uploaded to zwift power. I’m a long time zp user with almost 200 races in my profile and this is the first time this has ever happened.

At the start of each race there’s an error banner at the top that says disconnected. I can still see all the other avatars, but nobody in the rider list on the right or the primes list on the left of the screen. Other riders have reported to me that my avatar blinks in and out.

The races are showing up in zwift companion, but I do not show up in the rankings of those races in ZC.

At the end of each race I get a warning that says my race has not uploaded and it will upload the next time I log in, or something like that.

I’m using Zwift on PC on Windows 10 Home. Stages SB20. All software and firmware are updated. I have excellent reception for the internet at my house, and have hardwired my laptop with ethernet for better connection.

The only thing I haven’t done is uninstall and reinstall zwift, which I will try after I finish today’s race.

I am not set to private. And it has been longer than 24 hours since these races have finished.

If you are blinking in & out for other riders, it normally points towards an unstable/poor internet connection.

Your not trying to stream or broadcast your race at the same time or anything like that? As that has caused the same issue for me previously.

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Did it start with the latest update? Not sure if this applies to you, but…

If you don’t complete the ride it won’t export to Zwift. So if you go back to the home screen or change Zwift World’s there’s a chance that it won’t save properly. If you really want to test whether it’s saving make sure that you save the ride completely. Once it has saved restart the game and check ZP later to see if it has… this has happened to me once or twice.

Good luck!

I believe you’re right. I called the internet company and they said my router likely needs to be replaced. So I did that and will try another race today.

This is helpful. I don’t believe it’s applicable in my case, but I’ll keep it in mind as I continue to troubleshoot.

sounds as if your internet connection dropped, I had my wifi drop on me last week 1km from the end of a race and the result, as expected, was me having a DNF so nothing gets uploaded to zwiftpower

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I think you’re on to something there. So I’ve replaced my router and road and uploaded my first race successfully in 2 weeks last night. Hopefully the situation is solved :crossed_fingers:

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