Racer's legs not moving

I raced “Army Cycling eRacing Series Winter 24 iTT” (D-cat) today. I noticed a racer (258823) close to me whose legs weren’t moving at all. He couldn’t have been coasting because he was keeping pace with me for several minutes and the course was flat (i.e., no coasting downhill). This couldn’t have been due to a bad or missing cadence sensor since I’ve ridden many races without a cadence sensor and my legs always move as soon as I output a small amount of power. (The Zwift app shows a cadence spike of 235 RPM (obviously not correct) at the beginning of the race and nothing thereafter.) This rider was DQ’ed for lack of a HRM (don’t know if this is relevant).

If I recall correctly, zwift will automatically animate the legs if there is no cadence sensor connected.
Legs not moving could mean that a cadence sensor is connected but reading zero, maybe one was connected but went flat shortly after the ride started. Or it could just be a visual bug.

I used to be affected by this quite a lot in normal Zwift riding. I could be spinning away like mad putting plenty of power and my avatar would be not turning the pedals at all. I never found what caused it but it has stopped happening.

This was always with Kickr Bike. Seems like a bug in my case but I couldn’t say for sure what’s happening in the case above.

I have a tacx neo 2 which has a cadence sensor built in, but I have a mtb on the trainer and the longer wheelbase means my crank barely passes the sensor and it’s constantly misreading my actual cadence and generally reads zero to 20. To me it doesn’t really matter unless I’m doing a workout which has a set cadence.

I do wonder though when I am racing if other people see my avatar with an insanely low cadence and wonder what the hell is going on.

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