Race Training Advice- Getting dropped right at the end

I am at the bottom end of Cat B. I seem to be able to hold on to the front group through most flat races only to get left in the dust during the last 500m. There just doesn’t seem to be enough puff in the engine to make the last push.

I am looking for suggestions on how to focus my training on being able to go deeper into the red after 20-30K at close to 90% FTP.

Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 16.11.56

As you can see from my Zwiftpower numbers my 1min w/kg is only 45% more than my 20min w/kg. This looks a bit puny to me. The guy who won my most recent race (B) has a 1min w/kg twice as high as his 20min w/kg.
Does this seem like a reasonable way to measure possible gains?

Would appreciate any thoughts about improving sprinting- could be a fueling suggestion, a training plan or in race strategy.

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Do you do shorter efforts in training already? (Bottom of B category enforcement is MUCH lower than you :laughing:)

While being tired at the end of a race could account for things I assume your best 15 seconds of 8.38 was probably set on an easier race where you felt better. Also positioning at the end of the race can make up somewhat for a lack of outright power…you’ll never win a sprint if you aren’t positioned in the group and miss the jump or do all the work yourself for others to come round you right at the end.

But 8.38 is very unlikely to win you races in cat B. Some things can be trained with shorter efforts but also a lot can be said for technique.

have a watch of this for some ideas might be a good starting place if you are sprinting differently.

After that i would look at some more sprint focused training plans or off the bike gym work.


Thanks for the video link- exactly the sort of thing I was looking for- love free watts! Guess that is why Froome never arm-wrestles Cav.
At the moment I don’t really do any specific training other than race, spin with the B pace partner or try to beat my PB up the Alpe.

Don’t look at w/kg for sprinting look at raw watts, most of the sprints are pretty flat. Yes weight does play a roll in acceleration but not as big as on climbs.