Race start / resistance disappears (Not a dropout)

Hi everyone :wave:

Hopefully someone can help, or offer some advice please?

On 3 separate occasions over the last 10 days I’ve encountered this issue. However it’s completely random (3 times in about 12 races)

I join the pen about 2-4 minutes before the race and just spin in pen at 75-100w.
Ramp up the power at 2-3 seconds to go around 400-500w.
Timer hits zero and my watts drop instantly to like 50-75w no matter how hard I pedal. It’s like the trainer looses all resistance immediately, I go about 5 feet forward then coast to a complete stop.
15-20 seconds later, everything goes back to normal and i try to chase back on, but almost no chance of catching the group when they get a 20-30 second head start :smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s not a normal connection dropout and I’m not prompted to “reconnect / pair” any equipment

No equipment / routine changes in the last 6 months and all software up to date.


Apply TV
Wahoo Kicker Core
Wahoo Heart rate strap
Wahoo Headwind fan
Bluetooth headphones

Just to confirm everything has been working flawlessly for 9 months now.

Any ideas?