Race results

(Daniel Segeri) #1

Hi,  please correct me if I am wrong but there seems to be no way to see race results other than on third party site Zwiftpower.com?  I used to be able to see results but can no longer do this without registering on the site.  I have registered on the site but still can’t see any results because it seems now I need to connect a strava account before I can add my zwift id.   I can’t get any support or help from zwiftpower.com because now it seems I need a facebook account to do that!  (they only give support via facebook message from what I can tell).  I know you can’t help me with zwiftpower.com issues but can you tell me if there is some other way to view race results?  I do not want to open a strava or facebook account just to see results on zwift… (in fact I do not want anything to do with facebook or strava ever!). 

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

I can understand that you don’t want a FB account, but strava is very handy to keep track of all your training. 

But that is not the point, I don’t think you need to have a strava account to register with zwift power, but you need to agree to their terms and conditions and you need to verify your zwift ID.



(Daniel Segeri) #3

Hi Gerrie, thanks for the fast reply.

I use another app called Endomondo to track my training not Strava.

The screen shot above is what I have been looking for in zwiftpower.com but I can never find how to get to this screen to link my zwift id.  The site is so unclear on how to use.  I am logged in but don’t have a “settings” tab…  I only have a pull down next to my profile which has

-connect to strava

-race setup

-forum control panel

-privace note


I can not find where to link my zwift id, other than the steps given to me by zwiftpower as follows:

Results are only visible to logged in and registered riders.

  1. Create a ZwiftPower account
  2. Connect your Strava Profile
  3. Connect your Zwift ID
  4. Accept the terms and conditions to become a registered rider

So I am assuming because I can’t complete step 2 this is why I can’t link my zwift id???  I don’t know.



(Matthew Whitwell) #4

I found it really easy to connect to Zwift power but you do need a strava account. The reason for this is to help self policing of results since it makes more information public. That’s a compromise but the only way to make racing fairer on Zwift. 


Apart from from the above I don’t know why anyone would want to avoid strava it’s a fantastic free service.

(Evan Wischik5096) #5

I think it is rather silly to have “races” in one app (Zwift) and not be able to review results at a later date or within your activity profile. Having to go to a 3rd party app is strange.