Race Results Service Please

(Chris Davies) #1

I love competing in Zwift race (even though I do pretty averagely!). It would be great if you could produce a service which shows the results post race in full (which can be viewed post race at any point) - not just who finished but also who dropped out and at what point. Zwiftpower are, of course, doing this but their service is significantly hobbled by the need for people to consent to the use of their data (presumably something to do with GDPR) and so you can have 100 people in a race and only about 15 in the results. For me it is very interesting to see what “happened” to the folks that were around me during the race. Were they ahead of me because they only did half and rode harder or were they just ahead of me… Given it is your site I guess you have the clout to force people to share (fairly meaningless!) data with everyone if they enter a race and it would significantly enhance the experience.