Race mode

(George Hill(JPCC)) #1

It would be cool if there was “A race is about to start, would you like to join?” and when you click yes, all previous data is saved, and you start over (on the stats front) “Please make you way to the start line”.

You also get presented with a different HUD (like you do with workout mode) Race mode. From there you only see things like who the race leader is, who is in the race, time splits etc.

This would mean that everyone is on the same course but some are riding, some training, and some racing.

This would keep the community feel that may be lost if private races are developed.

(George Hill(JPCC)) #2

your* :wink:

(Will Coleman) #3

It would be awesome to have a race module where you can select an upcoming race to join.  You click to join within 1 hour of the start, and you are in warmup mode until your start time and a countdown clock to your start is present.  5 seconds or so before the start you are placed in the starting area, and on go you can start racing.  From that point on you can see race stats such as time back from the leader, etc.  Upon finish the race results and all stats (time, time back, avg power, w/kg, etc) are prominently displayed and then can be viewed later.  Maybe enhance it further by changing the algorithm so that people in the race can only draft others within the race, I dunno.

(Jamie Spence) #4

I would love this. This would make the game complete for me.


(. TURTLE) #5