Race Matchmaking - Lobbies? Parties?

(Lukasz ukasz) #1


I think we are at a stage that you need to consider creating a system of connecting players together during the race.

I imagine that when you connect to the game, you can select “Join” or “Race” and then we can select “scheduled race.”

Then we enter the game, do warm-up and 30 seconds before the start there is information that “within 10 seconds will be transferred to the starting line.”

At the start counting down from 3. During the race only riders statistics. Statistics for the players at the end.

It would be good to divide the activity into several files FIT: warm-up, race and cool (after crossing the finish line).


(Sam Thornton) #2

Don’t just limit this to races - creating a virtual meeting place that allows solo riders to partner up with others that have the same ride speed / training objectives wuold be a great addition.

The ability to start at the same point on the track is a big benefit as well, so move everyone that joins up to the course at the same time.

This would really facilitate the social aspect of the game by enabling spontaneous group rides to happen more easily.