Race Lengths...

I apologize if this has been discussed somewhere else, I searched but couldn’t find anything.

How do I tell how long a race will be? It sounds like a silly question but I’ve had this happen twice now. I sign up for a ride that says X miles in the title, then the race starts and it’s much further. This morning it happened with EVR Asia (25MI/41KM). Once I started, the race was 36 miles, which I wasn’t able to finish due to time constraints. Is there a site where the actual distance of the race is posted? I am wondering if this was a glitch? I couldn’t see any other racers despite my placing being displayed in the upper right hand corner.




Hi Daniel,

We took a look at the race in question: the title is set by the race organizer but the first lap wasn’t taken into account (re: distance) and so the organizer was given incorrect information.

We are looking into this further and do apologize. It SHOULD all work properly.

Eric, thanks a ton!