Race for Mountain Bikers

Hi I’m a mountain biker and new to Zwift. I’m having hard time searching for races/events for mountain bikers. Do they exist? If so, please help me or show me how to find this.


Some of the races are in the jungle and you can use a mountain bike on that. Usually people use the MTB bikes in races when going on dirt or gravel. I’m not so sure if they have any races for JUST mountain bikes.

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unfortunately these seems to be little to no progression on the MTB front with Zwift. Either they are going to release some mega MTB focused update in the future, giving us races, routes and more bikes. Or more than likely, there will be nothing.

Anywho…. although not strictly an MTB race, there are a group of us from this MTB forum that have been racing. Forum is here: https://singletrackworld.com/forum/

and if you join the chat in this thread:


you can get involved with the next series that is starting in January. Zwift have taken note that a bunch of MTB’ers are using their platform, so hopefully it will get some weight behind them doing more MTB based stuff.

Hope that is of some help!