Race events groups separated by trainer type

would like to have events separate participants by the trainer used-group 1 would be direct drive and group 2 would be wheel on.  The direct drive trainers have better gradient simulation and most measure wattage more accurately. 

What about the ones using power meters, they should be group one.

Let’s not forget about the ones with uncalibrated smart trainers and weight doppers, they need separate groups to. 

I actually agree with Sean. Those of us using power meters / direct drive trainers are at a disadvantage when racing against low end wheel on smart trainers. The Taxc Vortex for example has a reputation of over stating power by 40 - 50 watts. I can’t see Zwift doing anything about it, not wanting to upset paying customers.

What would be useful as an interim step is provide the power meter / trainer model to Zwiftpower. That then gets listed in the results. This would make for some very interesting reading I reckon.

Personally I think weight doping is grossly overstated. A bigger issue is badly calibrated smart trainers and smart trainers like the Vortex over stating power. Most people are honest but many have no idea their power numbers are off and just accept the numbers they’re getting.

All trainers show diffrent, can’t compare a Vortex to a Neo…

But a “pure legs” event would be nice, All settings and bikes should be the same for everyone, then watt is what matters, nothing else.

Would be cool I think…