Race distances/climbs are consistently WRONG. Why?

Why are so many of the scheduled races listed with INCORRECT distances and climbs in their titles?
It bugs me so much - the first time I do a race, I don’t know the terrain so well, so I don’t know where the finish line will be. So I look at the elapsed distance and climb, to see how far I’ve got to go.
But several races I’ve been in (for the first time) have different distances and climbs listed in their titles. I then wait in vain for the finish line that is still 1 or 2 km further down the road, or I unexpectedly hit the finish line when I think I’ve got 100m of climbing left.
a) Why is this?
b) Please can’t the race organisers fix it?
I suspect that this is a problem that only first time racers will encounter, so most people won’t see it as a problem.

For example:
“3R Volcano Flat Reverse Race - 3 Laps 36.6km/22.7mi 138m)”
is in fact 37.4km, with 150m of climbing

“3R Alpe Du Zwift KOM Race (20km 1444m)”
is in fact only 1047m of climbing

Does anyone else remember this as a problem?