Race: DIRT Dadurday Chase Race (1 Apr 2023) didn't end after crossing finish

Race: DIRT Dadurday Chase Race (1 Apr 2023 @ 15.45 CET) seems like it didn’t finish properly. Nobody in the race saw race results after crossing the finish line (according to the chat), there are no placements in Zwift activities or ZwiftPower. Please tell me we didn’t spend all that sweat in vain ! :smile:

Give it ten minutes and I should hopefully have fixed it.

Thanks James ! I don’t see any changes yet, but will check back later :slight_smile:

Thanks - I’ve asked David to have a look as it’s still misbehaving.

Thomas, does your result show up in the Companion App?

Hi James - Just restarted the app and checked again, I’m afraid not