Race catergoroes

Hi thank you for your response
So just to make sure I’m clear
Today I raced in cat c I averaged 2.9 and came 90/105
In order to compete at this level I would need to average closer to 4.0 average
So if I were to build my fitness and I could do this then surely I would be cheating and belong in cat b?
A quick summary of racing you need to be a certain body weight to have any chance in a category that zwift calculates and I follow in order not to be cheating

Hi @James_Bradley3

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No you don’t need to average 4w/kg that is the top of the B cat. The limit for Cat C is 3.2w/kg in non Category enforced races.

Was it this race.

I would suggest picking races with more climbs and those that have Category enforcement (CE). CE races are more controlled and it is a much better experience.
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