Quick release Adapter too tight


taking off the cassette is the way to remove it. I just got mine and taking of the cassette so you can actually get grip on the over tight adapter.

So, am now on my second zwift hub one after the qr adapter on the first was impossible to remove. Fair play to zwift for sending a replacement so quickly, just a shame it has the exact same issue.
I’ve followed lots of the tips I found on here, but no luck whatsoever! This is my last cry for help!

Either take it to a bike shop, or ask Zwift to replace it with a Kickr Core

So this is still a thing…spent 45 minutes on this today but practically trashed the thing trying. You would have thought they would check these before sending out. I will see what support come back with but not a great first experience - especially when everything else seems so well thought out in the package.

There’s a solution above - remove the Zwift Cog so you can get better purchase on the adapter.

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Hi @Jon_Dickinson, I took a look at our Zwift support side and I could see that you already contacted us, and one of our colleagues is following up with you via email. Could you please, verify if you received a message on the 11th? If so, please reply to that message to move forward with the solution.

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Thank you I will.
I ended up taking it to a bike specialist who managed to remove the adapter but it was damaged.

Hi @Jon_Dickinson. I see that you have already contacted our support team by email, and I can confirm that our team will be sending you a replacement.