Quick change settings for smart trainer

I am sure that this is in the works no doubt but figured I’d submit my two cents. 

I recently did an ftp test and did not want my Kickr to be controlled by Zwift so I could put out steady power.  For sake of ease, I used my stages to talk with Zwift.  I know that there are some talks about training plans in the future however, will these plans accompany trainer settings as well?  For example, if I am doing billats, it will be very difficult to do when I am descending on the island so it would be nice to choose in menu options along with the workout.  Either that or a flat/zero grade course for people who are doing specific workouts. 


Thank you so much Zwift team.  This program has helped me tremendously so far with getting back into shape!



Can that be accomplished by seeting smart trainer seeting to 0% ?