Questions after first ride

(Ride On DrStu) #1

Asked me if I wanted to do a workout or different challenge (everest or ???)…  I chose one of them… how do I get to something else?

How do I get back to FTP or other workout series?

Is the only way to message people is via the app?

Has anyone had problems with their ant+ losing their signal and constantly go back/get dropped?   (Could be a garmin problem vs connectivity issue… saw it on my watch go blank too??)  Vector?

(Alan Bradley) #2

Many answers are available here at the Zwift User Manual (Unofficial);

(Ride On DrStu) #3

ALAN… THANKS BRO!     Lots of fun and great training to be had…  I want to go on my bike everyday because of this…

Now i just to get the bugs out of the power meter…errr.   I am going to try my power tap (over my vector) to see if it is more consistent…