Question re modulating speed

When a rider or group of riders passes me, I don’t want to be a jerk and immediately pass them back. But even though I throttle back a bit on my wattage, it is extremely difficult to stay behind them unless I cut WAY back on my power (and if I do that, often a huge gap suddenly opens up and then I’m dropped altogether). Typically I will be at 170-200 watts & even though I drop down to 110-120, I find I am still sliding forward through the rider(s) ahead of me (which I’m sure is annoying for them). I am using a dumb trainer and was wondering if this would be less of a problem if I had a smart trainer.

No, it will be the same. Smart trainers dont “feel” the draft either. When in the draft of the other riders you can save up to 25% I believe, but dont worry about passing people, I dont think anyone cares.

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