Question on FTP training

I’m starting to the the FTP training. This may be a silly question but are you suppose to be riding daily? I tried but just couldn’t. Like last night I did the day 4 tempo… Took me three days and finally complete it on second try. First try I DNF and legs were sore the following day.

So how are you suppose to be following the training plan?

Put the rest days in when your body tells you to, you will benefit more from your training this way :slight_smile:

Ok… I thought had to do the ride daily.  So do you do he same ride the whole week before moving to the next one?

No it is not a case of hitting every star on each workout before moving on, just do your best effort on the workout you are doing. 

You will get better at the workouts as you move through them.


strange… Im doing FTP begginer training, and i feel pretty much ok the next day in % id say around 90%  ok , i was actually wondering if those workouts are not too easy…

but I went from 130 FTP to 210+ FTP in  about 2 months, so I guess they do the job well!