Question about Bearmountaineers do climb 65 miler

What is a cat A race and what is high C pace speed. Can I still ride the 65 miles on my own if I get dropped or am treasurer than the pacer?

Disclaimer: I have never done this ride.

But if it is like others if it’s kind, the Cats (A etc) reflect distance not pace. It seems that for the A distance of 100km (65 miles) there will be a leader holding a “high C pace” for those that wish to stay with him, but there is no obligation to do so and you can ride at any pace you like and will be able to continue at any pace you choose. By “high C pace,” they likely mean 3.0 - 3.2 w/kg as that is upper barrier of that category.

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Thanks so much for your reply.:smiling_face:

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