Quark loosing connection then Zwift crashing

I have only used Zwift twice.  First time it was flawless.  Second time I noticed that the computer was losing my power & cadence.  I had the system set up excatly the same.  It eventually quit reading and put me in pause that I could not get it out of.  Then the system crashed and ended my ride.  I had my Garmin 920XT on and my power and cadence were reading correctly on that.  I have gotten an extension for my dongle to see if that helps.  The only thing that was different between the 2 rides was the fact I had my computer on a towel instead of the table since it had rained and I didn’t want my computer to get wet.

It’s actually possible that the towel caused the crash.

If you had the computer on a towel, it was probably blocking the vents which would cause the computer to overheat. Did the computer turn off completely or did just Zwift crash? If the computer turned off, it was likely caused by heat.

If you keep seeing issues with Zwift, be sure to send us a ticket at bity.ly/zwiftsupport. :slight_smile: