Purpose of the "red barrier"

Can someone explain to me the purpose of the “red barrier” for group ride?
I understand that it is there to indicate to the runners that they have to stay behind it in order not to be taken out of the group.
In several runs, I passed this barrier and 60 seconds later I was banned from the group.
Now, I try to stay behind but it is difficult because sometimes this barrier seems to slow down and then accelerate.
What is sure is that when I stay behind during the whole ride, my statitics are very bad and when there is a ranking I find myself at the back of the pack.
Thank you for your help in understanding this.

Hi @Joel_Lebr06

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The red banner is there to show you are to far ahead of the Ride leader, you should stay close to the ride leader and not see the red banner.

Group rides are not for statistics if you want to see how you perform then you should join a Race.

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Thank you Gerrie for this answer.
I understand that for group rides, level D may be a little too low for me . So, I will try the group rides in level C -trying to stay close to the leader- and do some races in level D to observe my stats.
I’m starting to understand why when I’m on a group ride reserved only for level D, the results show that I’m classified as N/A.

*N/A 0 12/23/22 PACK 1.5 Morning Cuppa *
*D 88 12/21/22 BanditZ WandererZ *
*D 31 12/19/22 EZR EZ Does It *
*D 21 12/17/22 STAGE 2: RACE LIKE A PRO— Richmond Rollercoaster (Jumbo Visma) *
*N/A 0 12/13/22 PACK 1.5 Beginners Ride *
*D 6 12/8/22 Marianne Vos: TT Workout | Jumbo-Visma *
*D 39 4/22/22 Ascenders Team Rise and Shine Ride *
*D 20 4/21/22 2022 AusCycling Club Series *
N/A 0 4/19/22 PACK 1.5 Beginners Ride

Merry Christmas to all

I really don’t know why you got the N/A. Did you finish the ride with the leader or was this one where you went infront and got kicked out of the event.

You can ask the organizer on Discord:
Discord Voice Chat:

Or facebook:
Facebook Group #zwiftpack

Yes, I had finished the race just behind this famous red barrier and the last 2 rides I was not kicked out.
Besides, when you are disqualified for going too fast, you lose the specific jerseys of the event.
I will continue to investigate by juggling with the C and D levels but the important thing for me is to ride without taking my head with the results / statistics .
Many thanks Gerrie

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If you feel D is a bit to slow then you can drop back behind the group and help pull the people back to the group. There’s always a need for sweepers.

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Another approach you can take to D group rides is to put yourself on a slower bike than your usual road bike. For example, using a gravel bike will force you to put out more Watts to stay with the group on paved roads.

All PACK rides on zwiftpower show N/A (Not Applicable) as there are no results when group riding.

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Thanks @Steve_Clogg_PACK_LEA

There I learned something.

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