Purchasing a Quick Release adapter through the Zwift Shop [SOLVED]

Hi, I’ve bought a second hand Zwift Hub and it seems there is a little part that is missing.

Concretely, the part of the adapter for QR that seems to come pre-installed on the cassette side.

Probably the previous owner took it off to mount the through axle adapter and lost it.

I cannot find this part in the shop and I haven’t been able to contact Zwift Support to ask directly (all I can find are useless FAQ pages or automated chatbots that don’t even remotely know what I’m talking about).

Any idea how can I get a replacement for this missing part?


Keep talking to the chatbot until it prompts you to open a support case


Hi @Jose_Luis_Huertas I value the time invested in trying to get a Quick Release adapter for your Zwift Hub. I imagine the importance of getting this replacement to start riding with us!

It’s worth mentioning that we do not sell spare parts like this one. However, I’m happy to know that we already sent you a replacement. In case in the future you need help, you can email us at support@zwift.com or just as @Paul_Southworth mentioned you can contact us via chat. Ride on.

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Hi, thanks @Gerald_C @Paul_Southworth!

I forgot to mention that I finally was able to get in touch with Zwift support team and they were super responsive and sent me the replacement I needed free of charge. Kudos to them!

Ride on!

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@Jose_Luis_Huertas I’m pleased to read that everything was sorted out, your commitment is much appreciated!