Hey all.

So had my 2nd puncher in a week. What’s going on? I use the kickr Snap with a training tyre. I does take 3 turns to get in the range recommended by wahoo. It does look like allot of pressure on the tyre mind.

Anyone else have any issues? what spin down time do you normally work from.

How many PSI are you putting in the tire? And are you sure you are not pinching the tube on the rim? Or that there isn’t something in the tire and/or rim that might be causing the punctures?

100 psi…I’ll check rim when I replace rube. 100psi seems rock hard tho.

100 psi certainly seems reasonable for tire pressure, so I would guess there is something else going on. Unfortunately, it’s hard to pin that down without actually being there. Maybe check your rim tape, too, in case there is an issue there. When replacing the tube, before you pull the flat tube out of the rim, pull most of it out and then put some air into it and see where the puncture is. That should give you some insight as to where to look for the issue, and whether it’s on the inside, outside, or sidewall of the tire or rim.

What tubes are you using? I found if I use Continental Bicycle Tubes I get punchers, but if I use some cheap tubes I don’t.

Cheaper inner tubes tend to get more punctures on a wheel on trainer.

When I was using a wheel on trainer I found that that tubes with sealant last a lot longer.

Also as Nigel mentioned check that your wheel is still round.