Public elimination races in Glasgow

I see that the 2023 UCI Cycling Esports World Champs are using the Glasgow crit course as an elimination event. Watching the GCN video the elimination format appears to be baked in, are we likely to see public elimination events soon as it seems to be already supported on the Glasgow crit course.

That would be brilliant. However, Zwift needs to get a firmer grip on who is and who isn’t in the race before this event format can really be viable. Would it be for ZwiftPower-only competitors? How would you deal with mid-race withdrawals and technical failures?

This just isn’t possible with existing functionality.

The broadcast team have to watch live data and inform someone when they have been eliminated. There is no automation.

Thanks for your replies chaps, that’s a shame but I do get that it’s a difficult thing to do.

But is it something a race director can do, via fan view maybe? So long as the riders agree to listen to them?

Could be done within a private event, but they’re kinda stuffed if it’s super close.

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We’ve done similar in our own clubs races. just need to make sure everyone is on discord. Ideally wearing different kits to make spotting easier…and of course race director decision is final :smiley:

It would be great to have it in game like RGT has technically not sure why it would be so hard but probably not a priority. Zwift already captures FAL through a segment/banner so it’s just the mechanism to then kill the power to a rider and mark them as finishing last of the running riders. Probably more complicated than it sounds but should definitely be possible

Given it’s been used for previous elite races and now UCI events that should hopefully be another signal to show the format works and would be of interest to others to add it to the workstack. Then again there is so much over work that is showing very little progress i’m not sure what is high on the priority list right now.

Clubs update, Zwiftpower update, organiser portal, api access, in game points scoring, custom routes. TTT mode to name a few things that i would love to see.

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Discord? Somehow… everyone on the host team’s server, everyone muted, organizer calls out who is eliminated.

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That’s what I was thinking, I just don’t know how being an organizer works, and how they are able to monitor the race real time to make the decision. Is that just via fan view, or do the organizers have other tools?

Yep pretty much that is how i think the previous elite races that used elimination worked.

The only difference between a community organisers who has to fan view and hopefully pick the right rider zhq have Zwift backend servers/some sort of live segment UI so can verify last rider based on time to be accurate.

No, it’s not.

6 months down the line are elimination races any closer to coming to fruition ?

yes, over on IndieVelo


They work quite well over there aswell.