Prudential Ride 100

(Phil Stapleton ZBR) #1

Just received an email around unlocking the PRL kit if you complete the Zwift course:

Prudential RideLondon is one of the world’s great cycling festivals. With more than 100,000 riders and plenty of events to choose from, there’s a ride for all, regardless of age or experience. 

And thanks to Zwift, you can experience some of the best Prudential RideLondon has to offer without traveling a single kilometer. Choose from three different rides. Complete any during the last weekend of July, and you’ll  unlock the official PRL kit.

Shouldn’t people actually doing the real thing be able to unlock the kit aswell?


(Vincent W.) #2

That’s definitely a good suggestion! I’ll inquire about this internally, thanks for writing in. :) 

(Dave Lewis) #3

Did you get an answer?!

We can prove it on strava if we need to…


(Phil Stapleton ZBR) #4

Hey Dave,
No answer yet I’m afraid. 

(Dave Lewis) #5

Thanks for the update Phil. Could people who participated in a Ride 100 training ride be eligible for the kit.

Would love to wear the kit after Zwift helped my training for the ride yesterday! Although I prefer Zwift to riding outside in the rain and wind of London!

(Vincent W.) #6

Hey Dave and Phil, I would suggest you write in a support ticket with proof of your involvement in the Prudential Ride 100. It never hurts to try and get an answer. :) 

(James Hall RaceWBR (C)) #7

Hi Phil, 

I’ve done the same thing submitted a ticket and sent in proof. Let’s see what they come back with.

I also completed the PRL Zwift training plan so you’d like to think it would be unlock once you’ve completed that as well.

Thanks, James

(Dave Lewis) #8

Some good news! I put a ticket in, they asked to see my Garmin FIT file (which I then attached) and they assigned me the kit yesterday! I was able to ride around in it last night. Nice1 David in the Zwift support team!! 


A happy ending for me :slight_smile:

(James Hall RaceWBR (C)) #9

Yep, same outcome here. Amazing support from Zwift with a quick response & resolution. Thanks guys I’ve donned my shinny new PRL kit already :+1:t3:

(Vincent W.) #10

Awesome James and Dave! Glad you all got to receive a kit. :smiley: