Hi, is there a way to find and ride with the pro riders or friends. Or do you just have to search round the maps for them…

Thanks (new to this)

Hi @Dickey, welcome to Zwift!

You can search #ridewithpro on to find group events with pros, or search for them in the companion app by name and follow them.

Thanks for the message. I know you can follow them and also follow friends. But there a way you can just join them when there are riding on a map. Ie start riding near them or with them, or is it just a case of riding pass them on the map.

yes, when you are on the route selection/world choice screen there is a list of zwifters in blue, zwifters you follow will be at the top of the list, click on them and you can ride along with them. You will be spawned near them in the game.

Awesome thanks :+1::+1: Happy Zwifting!