Prorlems: Dont add me meters in the challenge

Good afternoon, lets see if you can help me.

I’m doing the challenge ‘Climb MT.Everest’ and It turns out that today I did a workout and it was uploaded to the Zwift profile, so it was registered. so far everything is correct.
The problem is that later I opened zwift to check if I had added the unevenness of this training and it has not done so, it has remained with the unevenness of yesterday (6548) and today it has not added anything :tired_face:, when it would have to add (7718m ) in the Climb MT Challenge. But if I enter the summary of my profile, it turns out that I have made the weekly total of 7710), what interests me now is that in the CHALLENGE, the unevenness is not adding me, help! thank you very much !