Properly simulate "coasting" on smart trainers

Currently when I’ve been pedaling hard and am going at some speed, if I stop pedalling and “coast” for a bit, when I start pedaling again I have to work really hard to get the trainer “back up to speed” - where as in real life, as I’m already traveling at speed, I wouldn’t need to do this.

Could you properly simulate how this works in real life please? Or is there some reason you can’t?

I’m using a Tacx Neo, but I’m guessing this effects all smart trainers?

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You have no real forward momentum and I believe your flywheel your need to be MUCH LARGER.

Is your Neo plugged in? Because AFAIK it’s one of the few trainers, if not the only one, to actually do what you ask. But only if it’s plugged to the mains.