program crached 4 time

(Alan Colombo) #1

Today was my first time on the Island. I was/am so excited to get to be a part of this. When loading the program for the first time it fail to load (ticket#795). After a few email found out it was cause of an outdated graphics driver. the problem was fixed and riding I went. During my ride the program crashed 4 times. it just stopped. I would reload and was riding again. No idea if this is a hardware issue or something on the program side. I’m going to go back and update all driver for the computer I can find just to make sure I’m good here. Really enjoyed the program but want to hold back on suggestion till I get to read other people comments and find a way for it to stop crashing. Ride on my friends…

(michele matsumura ODZ (D)) #2

Did you find a solution? The program crashes everytime for me and i can’t figure out a solution. My graphics driver is updated already as well.