Profiles outside game / Web UI

We should have an online profile of sorts that we can go to outside of the game to setup ant+ sensors, set FTP level, weight, create workouts etc… so that we don’t have to do this all in game every time. Like say you login to the game, you can pick your sensors then or choose pre-existing stuff "pick structured workout xyz + profile 1 which consists of “bike 2”, “power meter 2”, “HR sensor 1”, etc…

The reason a list of sensors and “profiles” would be ideal so that those folks with multiple bikes could pick out profiles 1/2/3 for their road / track / TT bike etc…

Yes, this would be awesome. Full access to the profile using a web browser.


Would definitely like to see the web profile become more useful:

  • Setting up avatar (selecting jersey/kit, bike, etc). Maybe have the ability to have “event profiles” that you can choose for specific rides.

  • Adding/managing riders you follow.

  • Event results/leaderboards