Profile of the climbs

The professionals have profiles of their climbs in the tdf and others so why can’t we.

Hi Theresa,

What, exactly, do you mean a “profile of their climbs?” On the dashboard?

If you are looking for route profiles like below you find them here 




the new ‘map’ is not helpful at all regarding the climbs like the old system was.

The above blog page with the routes profile and grade is great however if you’re just starting out and not familiar with the climbs it would be nice that the average % came up as soon as you started the climb. Say for example the climb in the mountains in watopia. You have no idea what the average is until youre just about finished the climb. Those who are familiar with the climbs wouldn’t care but as a beginner like I still am it would be helpful to have an idea what youre in for. Or even when you pick your route and there’s a climb just show the average % in the description.