Problems with Tacx Bushido Smart trainer

I had some problems connecting the trainer (Tacx Bshido Smart) with the software. Power reading was very unstable, loosing conection permanently.

I wanted to discard the problem was the trainer so I connected it with my watch (Garmin 910xt) throw Ant+ and I had no problems. Perfect and stable power reading.

After that I discarded the problem were the Ant+ dongle (Garmin), because I could connect my speed and cadence sensor to Zwift, with perfec and stable data reading.

Finally, just to be sure, I conected the trainer to the BKool software and I had perfect and stable reading of power, speed and cadence.

So the conclusion is there is a problem betwen Zwift and the Bushido trainer.

Had anyone had a similar problem?.


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We have had no other reports of signal loss with specific regard to the Bushido Smart trainer (nor other Tacx trainers). In fact, the Bushido Smart we use in the office works perfectly.

I would suggest using a USB extension cable to bring the ANT+ dongle closer to the trainer if you haven’t done so already.

I did what you said and it worked perfectly!..thank you!

Awesome to hear!


I just got a new Bushido Smart 2780 and the Garmin Ant USB receiver.

Zwift picks up the power and cadence, but it does not detect the trainer at all (searches, but does not find it under ‘smart trainer’ for pairing).

Because it does pick up the cadence, power signals, I think my Ant USB stick is close enough - it is on an extension cable.

Any ideas?

Is there a specific location at the Bushido unit where the Ant USB stick should be placed? It is now maybe 10 inches but not pressed against the unit or in the 1-2 inch range.

got to say, my bushido smart is VERY unstable using zwift. I need to log out and relog in 3 times at least but usually 5 times, and often with a full mac reboot as well. when it finally talks to zwift it will always runs without a fault. I have tried an extension but this does not help, and usually when it works is when i have the dongle in the Mac (no extension). 

Usually, at login, zwift will tell me it sees the trainer (1121) but into the ride i note there is NO resistance, so i stop and re-pair the trainer. The pair screen will show the trainer, as if it is working, but won’t talk to it (no resistance). At other times, it does not read the trainer at all (no signal), no matter how fast i peddle. 

If zwift reads the trainer and I start my ride, its until i come to a hill that i know if the trainer is talking or not… 

For the other devises (HR strap, power meter), at the Pair page, there is a value that shows me the devices are working (e.g. the HR shows x bpm and the power meter shows some power rating since I’m already pedalling), it would be great if the trainer also showed something to indicate zwift was really talking to it (remember, even if seemingly paired, and seemingly working, does not mean there will be resistance during the ride). Better yet, and option to test the resistance would be useful at the pairing page. generally i get pretty frustrated and search for the trainer on my phone via tacx app and bluetooth to confirm the trainer is functioning (I do a calibration test which provides a little resistance indicating its working). 

At one point recently i thought i had it sorted out, thinking the BT on the phone and mac where interfering with the signal, now i turn off BT on all devices to eliminate potential signal cross talk… 

On a side note, whats the Di2 on the pairing screen for…? 

i have a similar issue with my Tacx Bushido TDF Smart. i’ve been very unhappy with it and attempts to contact Tacx support channels has been futile.

my ANT+ receiver picks up everything (my heart rate strap, cadence and speed sensors on bike) fine except my bushido. i’ve swapped 3 different ANT+ receivers all with the same results. i can only pick up the bushido if i run an extension cable to put the ANT+ receiver within a couple inches of the bushido. this thing is a piece of crap, i’m never buying Tacx again.

I have been using Zwift with my Tacx Bushido Smart for 2 months with no issues. IN fact, I am enjoying Zwift so much with my indoor training that I question why I ride outdoors in the cold and rain.

When indoors, I must use a USB extension cable with the Garmin ANT+ sensor that is connected to my laptop.  Yesterday, when doing the London 100m sprint, the signal from my Bushido stopped. My RPM and power both went to zero.  It took several attempts to get my laptop ANT+ and Zwift to reconnect with my Bushido. When they finally re-connected, the RPM reading was too high (eg: pedaling at 90 RPM and 170 RPM was showing on the screen), and power is too low (eg. pedaling at 120W, but 70W is shown on the screen).  When riding on flat ground at 0% grade, the Bushido also has sporatic increasing/decreasing resistance or no reason. It felt like it was normal, then full brake, no brake, normal again.  Has anyone else had this problem? Is it an ANT+ problem or the power/brake unit inside the Bushido? When I use the Bushido with the Tacx app, or with no app, I get the exact same surging problem with the resistance, and incorrect RPM and power readings on my Android smartphone.  If anyone has a solution to this, please post!  Thanks

I’ve got a Bushido linked to my iPad. My issues are that Zwift drops the cadence sensor midway through a ride, even though its still picking up Wattage and secondly the resistance is random.  Going up hills can have little resistance.

If i use the TACX App, it shows speed, hrm, watts and cadence without any fuss or issue.  Hopefully this isnt a waste of money on this smart trainer comared to my old simple one…

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Tacx Bushido connected to Mac via ANT+ and running Zwift. Loses connection when incline goes above 2.5%. Tacx drops out and shows no power or speed. If I stop pedalling a restart it will trigger a signal for a second then drop. No LEDs showing on Tacx. Frustrating

the lack of LEDS on the trainer worry me slightly. so long as your producing any power at all the LEDS should work regardless of connection.

That said…as a long time Bushido Smart owner (sufferer) I have had this problem before. The solution for me was to Bluetooth connect the Bushido, instead of Ant+. Turn on blue tooth on your mac (I use an air with bluetooth built in), fire up zwift, and search the ‘controllable trainer’ for the bluetooth connection option (you need to be peddling). If you dont see it (and only see the Ant+ option) remove the ant+ dongle for the time being. You may need to close zwift and restart the mac a few times to reset everything. 

My setup up is this… I set up the bike, turn on the mac, turn on bluetooth, insert the ant+ dongle, then start zwift. Once zwift opens, my HR will pretty much instantly connect via Ant+, and i can then start peddling. At the moment i ‘search’ the ‘controllable trainer’ and click the blue tooth option, and ignore the ant+ connection option. HRM and cadence sensor connect via Ant+ dongle, whilst the trainer connects simultaneously using bluetooth (which is pretty cool). For me now, i have zero dropouts, PLUS the response lag between Zwift and the trainer is almost zero, where is was 2-3 second using ant+. Ant+ will try to act as default connection to the trainer, and if your not quick with the mouse, zwift will autostart using Ant+. I now have an app on my iphone to control my laptop (remote-lite) so I’m not pissing about with the laptops touch pad. Its a thing of beauty when it works well. 

From what I have read online, Bluetooth works better for Apple products and Ant+ works better for Android devices.  You must use ANT+ for a laptop, which is what I use.  In fact, I need to use a USB extension cable to place the ANT+ antenna as close to the Bushido as possible. This helps a lot.  I suspect that the motor/generator unit gives of a lot of EMF (electromagnetic noise) when it is running fast or under heavy load.

I posted a problem back in February and found a solution. See original note above. …The Bushido comes packaged in white styrofoam. A small bead of foam got into the unit and attached itself onto the speed wheel.  So the speed sensor kept getting confused. Once I removed the foam from inside the unit, all has been perfect.  I hope that somebody at Tacx is reading this.  

Happy riding! Cheers

Ive been having ALL the problems above as of six months ago with my Bushido Smart and Zwift. Including that ATN+ has completely disappeared as an option. Never gets a signal.