Problems with speed's detection


I would like to tell you a problem about my new elite turno. When I used my elite turno, something was wrong. In this way, when I paired the elite turno is ok with my Mac, but when I ride is to start this problem. The raider accelerate is wrong because it’s an anormal pace. Riding a few revolutions can show 89 mph. I tried 2 different trainers and it’s the same. When I used an others app’s, it didn’t happen.I don’t understand what happened and I don’t know how I can solve a problem.  

Thanks . 

What model of Elite trainer are you talking about?

Are you sure that it’s speed and not cadence?

What watts are you putting out at that time?

Are you getting the exclamation point next to your name within Zwift (means there is an issue with your setup)?

Do you have a screenshot of your pairing screen and/or when it is showing 89mph?

My model is an elite turno. I’ve used another trainer with the turbo muin’s model, too. The problem is the same.  

While I moved the pedals throught my hands, I was taking this photo. I don’t know what it means the exclamation point.  

Have you tried pairing it as a power source. Please review this link and pair your trainer accordingly:

Ok!! The problem seems to be solved!! I’m going to ride again tomorrow! A lot of thanks Paul! 

Hello Marc I also have the turno. Perhaps you can answer my question. In Zwift the speed seems to be o.k (I paired it as power source) but in Garmin its still wrong. Has anybody this couple? Turno and Garmin? I tried to change the wheel size but its still no realistic value.